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We take the necessary time to look over each and every rug before we clean them because we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to rug care. Different pre-existing conditions between area rugs will determine the best way to clean them. A wool rug with extreme pet urine damage should not be treated in the same way as a dusty silk wall hanging that never sees foot traffic.

If we find any conditions during pre-inspection that give us cause for concern, like structural damage, dye bleed issues, pet urine damage, and stains, we will be sure to discuss them with you prior to beginning any work.

Dry Soil Removal

Our dry soil removal process is so much more than vacuuming! We utilize several different dusting methods designed to remove as much embedded soil as possible, while being as kind as possible to the fibers and foundation yarns of your rugs. We customize the process as we go based on the individual needs of your area rugs.

Pre-Treating Spots & Stains

After dry soil removal and before washing, we pay special attention to the kinds of spots and stains that may not improve with regular washing.

  • Coffee and tea stains
  • Red wine spills
  • Sports drinks
  • Tar or grease spots
  • Food stains
  • Crayon or marker stains

Pet Urine Decontamination

The only way to truly guarantee complete pet urine removal is to follow our pet urine damage protocols. These procedures include multiple targeted treatments, incorporating specially formulated urine decontamination solutions and extra rinsing. This helps break down and flush out the urine salts and neutralizes odor-causing bacteria. These extra steps are safe for all fiber types, but if pet urine has been building up in the textile for any length of time, you should expect some permanent dye damage or discoloration.


Cleaning area rugs in our rug washing studio instead of in your home means that we are able to take our time and do things right. We’ve got the space, tools, solutions, equipment, and skills to keep our approach as flexible as it needs to be – letting each rug tell us how it needs to be treated, instead of a damaging one-size-fits-all approach to rug cleaning.

  • No cross contamination
  • Wool safe cleaning products
  • Dye safe cleaning products
  • Heirloom and designer rugs
  • Industry favorite equipment
  • Advanced rug care education

Centrifugal/High Flow Rinsing

Peace Frog is pretty excited about our area rug rinsing centrifuge. This one piece of equipment alone allows us to save gallons of water and hours of labor, while producing an exceptionally suds-free rinse. As cool as that may be, we also understand that it’s not the best option for every rug. For area rugs that are more fragile than the rest, we are able to customize a care plan that best suits the individual requirements of your rugs.

Humidity-Controlled Drying

We spent a lot of time at Peace Frog working to develop a drying system that would be fast, efficient. and wouldn’t cause any damage to more delicate fibers. Carefully regulating the humidity in our drying space ensures that even thicker-piled area rugs dry quickly. This virtually removes the risk of musty odors, cellulosic browning, dye bleed, and shrinkage.


For every day, persistent odors that get trapped in the fibers of your area rugs, adding deodorizer to your rug care and cleaning plan can make a big difference!

  • Wet dog odors
  • Musty odors
  • Nicotine odors
  • Cooking odors
  • Stale odors
  • Sour odors

For odors caused by pet stains, we strongly recommend following our PET URINE DECONTAMINATION protocols. It’s really the only way to truly guarantee complete removal of the kinds of odors caused by pet damage.

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