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Cleaning area rugs can be an exhausting job. Peace Frog Area Rug Cleaning will take the hassle out of this tough job for you. We offer excellent service, and our main objective is our customer’s satisfaction. When it comes to cleaning area rugs in Austin, we offer the best.

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The inspection of the area rug is a very important first step in the area rug cleaning process.

Our staff will decide during this process how to proceed with our cleaning methods. We will access if there is damage, stains, or traffic patterns on your area rugs. After the inspection is complete, a plan will be developed for your area rug cleaning needs.

Outstanding Area Rug Cleaning in Austin, TX

Client satisfaction is most important to our company. We proudly serve our customers in and around the Austin area. With our professional and knowledgeable staff, our area rug cleaning service will exceed your expectations. We consider you family when you work with Peace Frog.

Pretreatment for Spots and Stains

The dry soil must be removed. Once that is completed, we will inspect the area rug for spots and stains that may not have come out during general treatment. We will pre-treat the damaged areas with our, 100% safe for pets and kids, detergent-free products. We pride ourselves on making your area rugs look their best.

Dry Soil Removal

Our dry soil removal starts with vacuuming—but that’s just the beginning. Different brushes are used to extract the contaminants that are attached deep in the rug. No two area rugs are the same. Every area rug will get individual attention.

Washing and Cleaning Area Rugs

General rugs are cleaned in your house, while area rugs will be taken to the facility for treatment. We will use our special tools and equipment.

Pet Urine Decontamination

Pet urine not only produces a foul odor. An unsightly spot can also develop on your area rug. At Peace Frog Area Rug Cleaning, our specific protocol will target the offending area with a special treatment mixture that includes a complex decontamination solution and extra rinse cycles. This process is safe for all area rug types. Results vary.

Centrifugal/High Flow Rinsing

We are excited to present our new area rug rinsing centrifuge to our cleaning service. This new service will save gallons of water with its suds-free rinse. Pre-inspection will verify if this option works for your area rugs.

Humidity-Controlled Drying

Our humidity drying process is safe for all area rugs. We have cultivated a method to dry the rugs delicately and promptly. Humidity-controlled drying will reduce the risks of lingering odors, dye bleed, and shrinkage.

Area Rug Deodorization

Homeowners might not smell the odor that permeates their area rugs, but guests will notice. Having your area rugs deodorized, the stubborn odors will be removed. We recommend adding this process to the Pet Urine Contamination method.

You can believe in Peace Frog for Area Rug Cleaning in Austin, TX and trust that we will put our experience to work for you and your area rugs.

We strive to ensure our customers’ complete satisfaction.

Contact us with questions about our services, or book online today.

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