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Accentuated rugs are a beautiful addition to any home, but they are a challenge to clean. Peace Frog Area Rug Cleaners can make that step easy. Whether your rugs are delicate pieces that need extra care or simple throes to protect your floors, let us make sure they are free of dust, debris, and grime.

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Our experienced technicians will always start with a pre-inspection of your area rugs. This step will verify if the area rug has stains, any type of damage, and wear from high traffic areas. Once we establish the condition of the area rug, we will implement a plan that is best for cleaning the area rug.

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Customer service is proud to serve our clients in the Burnet area and surrounding towns. The professional team at Peace Frog Area Rug Cleaning is thorough and is determined to make your area rug cleaning efficient and stress-free.

Dry Soil Remover

Area rugs in high-traffic areas can compact dry soil deep in the fibers. The first step in removing the soil is to vacuum the area rug thoroughly. Sometimes vacuuming is not enough to loosen up all the dried soil. The next step would be to use multiple brushes to release the remnants of any soil left behind. Our detailed-oriented staff will give each area rug their attention.

Pretreatment for Stains and Spots

After removing the dry soil, the area rug will be reinspected for spots and stains that may not have appeared in the pre-inspection. We will then apply our detergent-free cleaners. All cleaners are safe for kids and pets.

Washing and Cleaning Area Rugs

We send our area rugs to our facility for proper cleaning. Our state-of-the-art equipment will treat your area with care.

Pet Urine Decontamination

All pets have accidents, and it seems like most times, it happens on area rugs. Even if you think you’ve sanitized the area, these unfortunate accidents can create discoloration and a strong smell. Peace Frog Area Rug Cleaning uses a special blend of cleaners that contain a decontamination solution, and the rug will receive an extra rinse cycle. This treatment is safe for most area rugs.

Centrifugal/High Flow Rinsing

Our company is environmentally focused. We have invested in a new rinse centrifuge that will save gallons of water during each rinse. This new machine will also use a suds-free rinse to cut water usage. This service is an option suggested during pre-inspection.

Humidity-Controlled Drying

The Humidity controlled drying is safe for all area rugs. Our separate room will quickly dry the area rugs professionally and precisely. The humidity-controlled drying will stop additional orders from entering the area rug and stop area rugs from shrinkage.

Area Rug Deodorization

After the cleaning, some rugs trap the odor of cleaning products. To reduce this smell, we propose using our area rug deodorization treatment. We suggested adding this treatment to the Pet Urine Decontamination.

Trust Peace Frog Area Rug Cleaning in Burnet, TX

When you work with us, your rugs will look pristine and odor-free. Our representatives are standing by to answer any of your area rug cleaning service questions. Contact us today to get a quote on cleaning your rugs.

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